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Prepare early for colder weather



When the temperatures outside start to fall, there are several things around the house that should be done to prepare for the colder weather.
A cheap and easy way to make your home more energy efficient when the temps fall is to change the direction of your ceiling fans.
In the cooler months, the switch at the top of the fans will pull the heat that is in the home, down to where you can feel it, without it feeling like cold air is blowing on you.
As well as temperatures falling, leaves fall to and get in the gutters on your home.
Cleaning out the gutters will prevent water damage to the structure of your home.
The clogged gutters will allow water to back up to the eaves as well as damage the foundation and your basement, if you have one.
If you have a ladder, pull it to the gutters and grab a bucket or a bag and fill it with the leaves from the gutters. It can be time consuming but can save thousands in home repairs.
If you have a fireplace, this is the perfect time to clean it out and get it ready for the winter months. If you need to stock up on firewood or order it. It is easier to do when it is not bitter cold.
When the time changes, residents should change the batteries in their smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.
When you have changed the batteries, push the button on it to test it to make sure it is working correctly.
Smoke detectors should be replaced with new ones every 10 years.
Even though most homes in the United States should have at least one smoke detector in it, one third of house fires that were reported from 2014-2018 did not have one or it was not working properly.
With the prices of everything on the rise, checking your windows and doors for air leaks is a good way to save on your gas and heating bill.
Winterizing your doors and windows can be done with weather stripping or plastic that covers the windows.
Caulking windows and doors will prevent the cold air from getting in your home, even if you did it in the spring.
Don’t forget to caulk around vents such as the dryer vent and bathroom exhaust fan, cables and pipes that run into your home.
Another energy saving tip is to get your furnace serviced before the cold weather hits Lawrence County.
Make sure to change the filter in your furnace and clean out ducts and register vents to help keep energy costs down.
If you have a window or central air conditioner, fall is the time to winterize it.
They can be removed from the windows or covered to prevent cold air leaking into the home.
It also will get rid of any animals that may try to make it a winter home.
This is also a perfect time to organize your garage or storage building.
If you have summertime items that will not be used anymore this year, move them to the back of the building and move the items such as rakes, leaf blowers, snow shovels and snow blowers as well as ice scrapers and ice salt for sidewalks to the front so they are more accessible in the colder months.
Test the winter equipment before winter in case something needs to be worked on or replaced.
Your outside hoses and faucets need to be made ready for the cooler temps too.
Disconnect and drain hoses and put them in the garage or storage building.
Faucets should also be cared for by placing a winterized faucet cover on them so pipes do not bust and cause more problems.
The covers are inexpensive and can be purchased at discount stores and hardware stores.
If you are done using your outdoor furniture, it needs to be cleaned off and moved inside too. The winter weather can damage outdoor furniture if not moved inside a garage or covered during the winter months.
Filling any cracks in your driveway will help them not to crack more when winter hits.
A small crack can turn into a bigger crack and eventually crumble the concrete.
Think ahead to spring and plant spring bulbs as well as fertilize your lawn.
Bringing in flower pots also needs to be done. 
They can either come inside the home or be dumped out and placed in the garage so they are ready to use in the spring.
These may be furthest from your mind when it begins to turn cool, but this is the time these two items should be down so they are ready to grow in the warmer months.
Trimming back trees and landscaping needs to be done to prevent limbs falling from the weight of snow or ice on them and they will also be ready to grow again in the spring.
This is the perfect time to make your bedroom cozy for those cold nights ahead.
Pull out your down comforters, cotton or flannel sheets and throw blankets for the couch, chair or bed and get them washed and ready to be used.
This may be the time to change out your summer clothing for your fall and winter clothing.
Anything you do not want or items that do not fit anymore, can be donated to local charities for others who can use them.
There are many things that can be done to help you get ready for the colder weather and they almost all save you money in the long run.
So while the cooler seasons are getting closer, now is the time to prepare for what it will bring and keep things running properly.

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