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Richard Guebert Jr.

Holiday food prices remain high, but supplies remain strong

By Richard Guebert Jr.
| November 22, 2022

Americans look forward to celebrating the simplest of gifts and gathering with family and friends around the table during the holiday season. It is also often a time of giving thanks as Illinois farmers mark the end of another growing season. 

Legal system now disturbed with politics

By Gregg Bonelli
| November 21, 2022

What does it matter that a special prosecutor has now been appointed to handle matters involving accusations of criminal activity by Donald Trump?

Flick: Please pass the thanks

By Bill Flick
| November 21, 2022

While all holidays obviously have meaning and merit, Thanksgiving surely is among the best.  

Illinois finances headed in right direction

By Rich Miller
| November 21, 2022

Gov. JB Pritzker’s administration recently used its annual Economic and Fiscal Policy Report to outline three new budget proposals.

Flick: A real-life Hollywood nightmare

By Bill Flick
| November 17, 2022

These are divided times in a nation divided, of cancel cultures, of vastly different views and visions, of angered extremes and threats to a democracy, perhaps only paralleled by the times of the Civil War and Jared Brown’s dad.  

Honoring the last full measure of devotion

By Dr. Christian McWhirter
| November 16, 2022

The Gettysburg Address is the most well-known political speech ever written in the English language. This means almost everyone has heard it at least once, but it also means the speech is like a popular song that’s so overplayed it becomes background noise.

No steal in this election either

By Gregg Bonelli
| November 16, 2022

There was no steal in this election either. We heard a tale of conspiracy and projected wave of denier support that would sweep both houses of congress.

Harvest issues mount for Ukrainian farmers

By Daniel Grant
| July 20, 2022

Ukrainian farmers dealing with unimaginable challenges from the Russian invasion are facing even more difficulties as wheat harvest gains steam.

Illinois Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program returns

By Kay Shipman
| July 20, 2022

A federal-state conservation program has returned with incentives and rental payments to improve water quality and wildlife and aquatic habitat.

IFB President: 2022 priorities indicate changes ahead for agriculture

February 8, 2022

The icy winter temps in the Midwest mean a slow season for many. But for Illinois farmers like me, i...

LCMH excels in patient care

February 8, 2022

Several days in Dec./Jan. were spent as a patient in Lawrence County Memorial Hospital. It is no fun...

Miscalculations can start war

By gregg bonelli For the Daily Record
| February 8, 2022

In 1852 Napoleon III, the Catholic leader of France, demanded greater rights from the Ottoman Empire...

January: A Month of Sad Exits

By Bill flick
| February 8, 2022

COLUMN DIARY, a check of big headlines, small wonders and other highlights: January 2022: 1. Only th...

February 1, 2022


Flick: Of Natalie Wood’s death....or murder

By bill flick
| February 1, 2022

Sam Perroni remembers the first time he met actress Natalie Wood. They were together in The Normal T...

USDA pegs Illinois No. 1 for soybeans, No. 2 for corn output

By daniel grant FarmWeek
| February 1, 2022

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service final crop production estimates for 2021 confirm a b...

War, what is it good for?

By gregg bonelli For the Daily News
| February 1, 2022

Today 100,000 troops are reportedly massed on the border of Ukraine prepared to invade. We say this ...

PANDA cause for children’s behavior?

By gregg bonelli for the Daily Record
| January 25, 2022

PANDA is a disease that attacks children’s brains after a strep infection. We don’t know much about ...

January 25, 2022


Regenerative approach takes center stage for Illinois livestock farmer

By Sabrina Burkiewicz Farm Week
| January 25, 2022

Logan Karcher returned from Murray State University with a master’s degree and passion for regenerat...


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