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Wheat harvest progressing slowly

By Randy Harrison
| June 21, 2022

Illinois winter wheat harvest is well underway but progressing somewhat slower than in past years.Ac...

Extension offers 4-H food program

June 14, 2022

Summer is a great time to get your kids or grandkids into the kitchen to learn how to prepare home-c...

Wheat harvest begins in state

By Randy Harrison
| June 13, 2022

Illinois winter wheat harvest is underway.According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 3 percent...

Planting season's end is near

By Randy Harrison
| June 8, 2022

Corn and soybean planting has finally caught up and are both nearly complete across the state, accor...

County was hot and wet in May

By Randy Harrison
| June 6, 2022

Summer arrived in Crawford County a bit early, bringing temperatures in the 90s during May.According...

State planting moving ahead

By Randy Harrison
| June 1, 2022

Illinois farmers have finally caught up on planting.According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture,...


Stephenson honored by 4-H Foundation

May 31, 2022

A Crawford County Fair official was recently honored for his efforts  on behalf of 4-H.Joe Stephenso...

A local 4-H member checks her chicken during the 2021 fair. Daily News photo

Bird flu nixes 4-H poultry at county fair

By Randy Harrison
| May 25, 2022

Crawford County 4-H members planning to show poultry at the county fair in July have run afoul of th...

Corn planting catches up

By Randy Harrison
| May 23, 2022

State corn planting finally caught up to past years last week, but the amount of the crop to emerge ...

Baking class offered

May 23, 2022

Family heirlooms aren’t always jewelry or furniture. For some, a family recipe is their most preciou...

USDA seeks conservation information

May 19, 2022

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service will mail the Conservation Practice Adoption Motivat...

Corn crop growing, but still running late

By Randy Harrison
| May 10, 2022

The state’s corn crop has started growing, but very little of it has actually been planted so far.Ac...

Invasive species encroaching on Illinois

By Emily Steele
| May 4, 2022

URBANA, Ill. ­— You may not know what an invasive species is, but you’ve likely heard about them and...

State butterflies, bees need help

By Emily Steele
| May 4, 2022

URBANA, Ill. — Fluttering quietly and steadily from flower to bloom, butterflies, bees and other pol...

April showers were abundant here

By Randy Harrison
| May 3, 2022

April showers were more common here than most Crawford County residents might have liked this year, ...

Planting season off to slow start in state

By Randy Harrison
| May 2, 2022

Corn and soybean planting continues to lag far behind normal.According to the U.S. Department of Agr...

State planting season off to slow start

By Randy Harrison
| April 26, 2022

Planting season is officially underway in Illinois at last.According to the U.S. Department of Agric...

More rain here than in most of state

By Randy Harrison
| April 19, 2022

Crawford County was wetter and warmer than most of Illinois last week.According to the U.S. Departme...

Wheat progresses despite weather

By Randy Harrison
| April 12, 2022

Illinois’ winter wheat is plugging away despite the cool, damp weather.Four percent of the crop has ...

Crawford County was soggy in March

By Randy Harrison
| April 4, 2022

Crawford County was cooler and a whole lot wetter in March than a year earlier.In fact, almost as mu...


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