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More wheat planted last summer

By Randy Harrison
| January 16, 2023

Illinois farmers planted more acres in winter wheat last fall than during the previous year.Accordin...

State wheat crop holding its own

January 3, 2023

Most of Illinois winter wheat started the new year in good shape.According to the U.S. Department of...

December brought snow, cold here

By Randy Harrison
| January 3, 2023

A Christmas week cold snap dropped provided Crawford County with holiday snow and dropped December’s...

USDA conducts survey

December 23, 2022

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service will spend the next se...

Wheat production down

By Randy Harrison
| December 23, 2022

Illinois farmers planted and harvested less winter wheat this year than in 2021.According to the U.S...


Conservation group meeting Jan. 30

December 10, 2022

There’s something magical about the Crawford County Soil and Water Conservation District’s plans for...

Warmth faded here during November

By Randy Harrison
| December 6, 2022

The last gasp of summer and the first breath of winter both took place during the first half of Nove...

State wheat grows while moisture levels drop

By Randy Harrison
| November 30, 2022

Most of Illinois winter wheat crop is growing and in fair condition.According to the U.S. Department...

USDA seeks crop information

By Randy Harrison
| November 23, 2022

As the 2022 growing season officially comes to an end, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National...

State growing season almost at an end

By Randy Harrison
| November 15, 2022

With winter wheat planting completed and corn and soybean harvest wrapping up, the Illinois growing ...

Rains return to Illinois

By Randy Harrison
| November 9, 2022

After weeks of dry weather, Illinois experienced above normal rainfall and temperatures last week. A...

County still dry despite October rain

By Randy Harrison
| November 3, 2022

Crawford County continued to dry out and cool off in October.Measurable precipitation was recorded h...

Rain here helps, but not enough

By Randy Harrison
| October 31, 2022

Crawford County and other parts of Illinois saw rain in recent days but not enough to undo weeks of ...

Cloverbuds offer opportunities to younger children

October 25, 2022

Younger siblings often want to do what their older brothers or sisters do. Crawford County 4-H offer...

Harvest continues, conditions dry out

By Randy Harrison
| October 25, 2022

Corn and soybean harvest and winter wheat planting continue across the state, even as Illinois’ soil...

Dry conditions strike Crawford County

By Randy Harrison
| October 21, 2022

The drought conditions that have plagued much of the United States in recent months have reached Cra...

Winter wheat crop emerging slowly

By Randy Harrison
| October 18, 2022

The state’s newly-planted winter wheat crop is beginning to emerge, but it’s already well behind sch...

Corn, bean harvest goes slowly

By Randy Harrison
| October 13, 2022

Corn and soybean harvest continues to lag behind past years across the state.Corn harvested for grai...

County cooled off, dried out in September

By Randy Harrison
| October 4, 2022

Crawford County got a much needed break from the heat in September.After a three-month period with a...

Dry conditions prevail in state

By Randy Harrison
| October 4, 2022

Dry conditions across Illinois provided farmers with plenty of time to harvest corn and soybeans and...


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