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Illinois social services a Wizard of Oz maze in need of navigation ‘coaches’

April 1, 2021

I was a state agency director on three occasions back in the day, yet I don’t think I could navigate...

FDA needs regulatory review and revamp

By Ross Marchand
| April 1, 2021

It’s not easy to ask federal agencies to regulate — themselves. Despite previously committing to a r...

You are what you eat

| April 1, 2021

There are just two ways to look at it; you were born an empty vessel and you are today the sum of yo...

Radical left setting their sights on our Second Amendment rights

By Congresswoman Mary Miller
| March 25, 2021

Nancy Pelosi and her cadre of progressives continue to prove bipartisanship is an unobtainable allus...

New group combines left- and right-leaning scholars in fight for academic freedom

By Tripp Grebe
| March 25, 2021

Whether one is on the right, or the left – or somewhere in between – there’s one topic that often co...

The magic that life can perform

March 22, 2021

On a Facebook social-media profile of Matt Laesch are a few of his favorite quotes and maxims: “Life is like a movie. Write your own ending. Keep believing. Keep pretending.” – Jim Henson. “Do not fear death; fear the unlived life.” – author Natalie Babbitt.

What’s Pete got to do with anything?

By Dr. James L. Snyder
| February 27, 2021

If there’s anybody that can be conned, it’s Yours Truly. It’s not so much that I’m stupid; I’m just ...

Am I stamped with God’s mark?

February 27, 2021

Q: Dear Pastor, During the apocalypse, God puts his stamp of approval on a few people. Why would Go...

Madigan’s legacy: The No. 1 reason for term limits

By Chris Krug
| February 27, 2021

Michael J. Madigan is out. The former Illinois House speaker is now a former Illinois state represe...

Death doesn’t take a holiday

February 24, 2021

If you’re reading this, you have survived the biggest single death event in American History - so fa...

Do you, like me, suffer from malaise?

February 24, 2021

In the 1970s, President Jimmy Carter supposedly worried that Americans were suffering from collectiv...

Madigan got what he wanted in Springfield

February 24, 2021

“The 22nd District is a garden,” then-House Speaker Michael Madigan told reporters several years ago...

I’m tired of waiting on God

February 20, 2021

Q: Dear Pastor, I’m tired of waiting on God. Why won’t he answer my prayers? A: Everyone reading thi...

If it was up to me

Dr. James L. Snyder
| February 20, 2021

Fifty years ago, I was a teenager. Boy, do I miss those Days of Yore. It’s not that I would like to ...

Illinois needs to map its way to ‘fair’

February 20, 2021

Behind closed doors, something very important is happening in our democracy. I would suspect that a...

What Kinzinger vs. Trump tells us about the Illinois GOP

February 20, 2021

Kinzinger, Trump, Big Money, the GOP — a lot to handle in one column. But I can do it, because each ...